I work with you on a personal level to determine the best solutions for your unique needs, then leverage my seasoned expertise to achieve the best possible results.


I am your trusted partner in success. I offer a full range of professional services at a fair price to give you the individual attention that you deserve.


Rest assured that when a need arises, I am ready and capable to handle everything for you so you can focus on what matters most to you.


Jo McCracken

After 30 years in accounting, I decided to open my own firm helping small business owners. I spent the past 6 years working only with small business clients and realized that CPA firms were doing a disservice to their clients by not working with their clients to help them understand what the information meant. I want to partner with businesses to not just process their monthly transactions, but to also help them understand what the financial information means to them and their businesses. I make it my mission to assist my clients in order to make them as successful as they can be.

I’ve been an Ohio CPA since 1993 and recently became a Kentucky CPA. In my career, my first three years were spent at the largest accounting firm in the world, as well as the past six years at two small CPA firms. I’ve done bookkeeping, client Quickbooks training, individual and business tax returns, sales tax returns, and IRS audit resolutions.

The rest of my career has been spent at large public companies doing tax, finance, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting, accounting, budgeting, and internal auditing. All the different positions that I’ve held in my career have given me a well-rounded view of the field of accounting.

At my firm, I work with start-ups as well as small to medium-sized businesses. I specialize in consultant businesses, professional services businesses, rental real estate property owners, bed and breakfast establishments, and many other sole proprietors, LLCs, and S-Corporations.

I work strictly through Quickbooks Online, as I find that it is much easier for clients and can help lower my bookkeeping fees. I can prepare your accounting books and records on a monthly basis, or review the work you have done. I prepare federal, state, and local tax returns as well as sales tax returns solely for my bookkeeping clients.

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